Our strategy at Ucer Clinic is centred very much on ultimate patient experience. We have structured our service and procedures to deliver the very best standard of care with the ultimate purpose of improved quality of life for our patients. We aim to do all this in the most convenient and comfortable way as possible whilst delivering intricate and precise implant treatment as precisely and meticulously as possible.

  1. Initial Referral or Contact –  our patients come to see us on referral by their dentists and medical practitioners usually by telephone or email. Alternatively, we would be happy to hear from you directly if you think that you can benefit from reconstructive dental implant treatment. If you wish to contact us please click here or give us a call to speak to our practice manager.
  2. Confirmation of your appointment:  A member of our highly trained and experienced admin team will contact you by email or a telephone to arrange a suitable appointment for an initial consultation.
  3. Your initial consultation

During your consultation we will gather as much information as possible about your dental history and treatment needs and will aim to get to know you first so that we get a good understanding of how we can help.

Our objective is to provide you a customised treatment that will address your personal choices and wishes as well as anatomical, aesthetic and functional treatment needs to provide a patient-centred long lasting dental health and comfort. We may need more than one consultation visit to ensure that we have collected all of the information we require to give you the best advice.

Please note that the cost of any subsequent visits are included in the initial consultation fee but there may be need for additional investigations such as 3D diagnostic imaging, radiographs and study casts as part of detailed assessment and treatment planning process.

  1. Diagnostic Imaging and special test
  2. Dental Report and Treatment Planning. This part of the planning process could take between a few hours of studying the results and formulating a final treatment plan. In complex cases we can typically spend a few hours for this part of the pre-surgical planning phase of your treatment
  3. Hygienist appointment. (please insert a hyperlink to Oral hygiene and maintenance section above)
  4. In complex cases we would arrange an appointment to review the treatment plan and finalise it before scheduling of appointments to commence treatment
  5. Your treatment plan
    Every treatment plan is usually unique as its tailored to each individual patients needs and unique requirements. However, please note that in some cases there could be a few options available with relative advantages, disadvantages, risks and significant cost differences. Where possible we will always highlight all available options in your treatment plan for you to carefully consider before making a final decision that will suit your circumstances and wishes best. Our role is to help you to understand what is available and guide you to make the most appropriate decision to achieve your wishes and desires concerning your dental treatment and oral health
  6. Your new smile and comfortable function
    Our ultimate focus is to provide you a comfortable function that would make you smile again with confidence and security. We work on this objective meticulously from your initial contact to final completion of your treatment as well as in the long term to ensure longevity with full satisfaction.
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