Are all implant treatments the same complexity?

Usually replacement of one or two teeth are straightforward requiring a short procedure. Advanced or complex cases may require staged procedures involving bone grafting or augmentation followed by implant placement and restoration in different stages. A full assessment and planning is necessary to identify different anatomical, functional and aesthetic needs to be able to determine the true complexity of each case.

Straightforward Cases:

Most implant cases are classified as straightforward and therefore can easily be carried out under a Local Anaesthetic (dental injection-as in any routine dental treatment). Nevertheless patients who have significant systemic medical conditions usually benefit from having their treatment carried out in a hospital setting under the supervision of medical staff.

Advance or Complex Cases:

Some implant cases are complex either from surgical point of view (usually as a result of shrinkage of the jaw bone due to disuse atrophy or shrinkage) or from prosthodontics perspective (e.g. multiple missing teeth; difficult bite/occlusion; clenching/grinding habit etc.). These cases require more meticulous planning and the treatment can take longer to complete. In more complex cases such as bone grafts, implant treatment can be carried out under intravenous sedation.

Patients with special needs and patients with dental anxiety or phobia:

We offer treatment under sedation for patients with special needs and those who suffer from dental anxiety to eliminate stress and discomfort and to make the delivery of the treatment much more pleasant. We will discuss all options with you during the first consultation visit ( see further information on patient journey section).

There many factors that may influence the decision for the choice of the best anaesthetic for implant surgery. Usually sedation at a hospital setting is the ideal way to have implant treatment in complex cases that require multiple implants and/or bone augmentation or grafting procedures.

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