TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR is cutting edge technology which enables suitable patients to replace their teeth with permanent implant crowns in one single appointment within an hour or two. This very new artificial intelligence CAD CAM technology involves the use of 3D Digital Work Flow (DWF) to virtually design, place and restore an implant during one visit.

How it works

At our Diagnostic Imaging and 3D Digital Dental laboratory we use special 3D CBCT scanning, intraoral optical scans and special CAD CAM software to diagnose, plan and deliver both the surgical and restorative stages of your treatment using computer guided surgery.

CBCT scan is acquired to produce 3D computer images. A digital impression is next taken using intraoral camera scanning. This stage eliminates the need for conventional putty impressions and takes a few minutes. This data is used to generate your “virtual jaw” using Digital Work Flow software. Professor Ucer then plans and places the dental implants in your “virtual jaw”. Next a 3D surgical guide is printed using our in-house 3D printer ready to be used during the surgery to allow us to place the implant precisely as planned in your “virtual jaw” Once the implant has been placed a porcelain crown is milled using our in house 3D milling unit. The crown is then stained and glazed by our in house technician to achieve a perfect colour match in harmony with your dental aesthetics.

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