TEETH-IN-A-DAY is the immediate functional loading of titanium dental implants. This protocol may interest patients who wish to reduce, or even eliminate, the waiting period for implant supported fixed teeth. Permanent, fixed teeth are placed immediately at the time of extractions. At no time would you be required to wear a removable denture.

Teeth-In-A-Day dramatically benefits patients with loose, missing, or decayed teeth, whether occurring naturally or from an accident. Patients of all ages opt for this treatment for both oral health and cosmetic reasons.

How it works

On the day of the dental implant placement, we will remove any unsightly teeth, any periodontal disease and infected tissue. Then an appropriate number of Titanium Dental Implants will be placed within the bone. This is carried out as a day care surgery under iv sedation provided by our anaesthetic team of Consultant Anaesthetists and anaesthetic nurses (ODPs).

An interim temporary fixed bridge of teeth (a full jaw non-removable prosthesis) is fabricated by our in-house dental technician and this is connected to the newly placed dental implants.

Although an interim restoration, this prosthesis is highly aesthetic as it is customised to your own face and smile line. You leave the hospital with a stable, and comfortable fixed set of teeth. This prosthesis cannot be removed by you. You will be given instructions on how to clean and maintain your teeth and gum. Several months later, when the implants have totally fused to the natural bone, this temporary prosthesis will be replaced with a permanent one.

The final restoration is constructed by a senior dental technician with your full input and request concerning any changes in appearance (size, shape and color) of the teeth. This prosthesis will have a strong titanium framework which is milled at a precision milling centre for precision fit and strength.

Same Day – Teeth in a day

Teeth in a day technique is an innovative surgical procedure that bypasses the normally lengthy and time-consuming process of waiting between the stages of traditional implant treatment and allows for placement of implants and new teeth to occur on the very same day. If you have been living with a missing tooth or teeth or are unsatisfied with dentures but have been avoiding seeking treatment because of the time involved, “teeth in a day” immediate dental implant option may be the ideal solution for you.

Please note that Immediate dental implants are not possible in all situations, but certainly will be offered if you are a candidate. Immediate implants can save time and the need for further procedures

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